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I am an interdisciplinary scientist working on climate change. I am deeply committed to helping th e public understand how climate change is reshaping our world and what we can do about it.


I am the Director of Climate Science at Climate Central, Inc. where I lead our climate analytics group. We produce analyses that help people in the U. S. understand climate change, and we help TV meteorologists and journalists incorporate climate change into their stories.

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My Story

I began my career diving in cold water to study lobsters. I quickly realized that I am a clumsy field ecologist and that I get seasick. This prompted me to turn to computers as my main research tool. I have been on the faculty at Cornell University and the University of Maine. I was also a research scientist and then Chief Scientific Officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.   

I am best known for my work on how rapid warming is reshaping the ecosystems in the Northwest Atlantic, especially the Gulf of Maine. This included documenting one of the first marine heatwaves, making projections for how warming will impact the region's valuable lobster fishery, and leading an effort to predict what the Gulf of Maine will look like in 2050. 

While I have been interested in climate change since I was a small kid on the plains of Nebraska, climate change did not become a focus of my professional work until it began pounding on the Gulf of Maine. IWhile I am still involved in ocean research, my work at Climate Central involves a more concerted effort to increase public understanding of climate change.

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